Monday, September 26, 2011

Motivation Monday: Trusting the Process

My previous post discussed my current thoughts on coping with my relationship and career changes and how these changes have altered my Girl on the Go momentum. After the post, I spent a very eventful weekend with my friends and family. But Sunday greeted me with rainy weather and its typical slower pace, and I started to feel a bit hazy again. I felt especially heavy during a quiet ride home. I recalled ways to make myself feel better and remembered that saying what I'm feeling aloud has helped me work through many of my recent changes. So I began to do so in the car.

For every question that popped-up about what was happening (how? why? etc.), I would respond with 'it doesn't matter, trust the process.' I repeated it over and over in an attempt to convince myself that what I was saying was true, but my doubts seemed to overpower my own words. I decided to take the reflection a bit further. I asked myself, 'what does it mean if I don't trust process?'

I immediately responded, 'it means I don't trust myself.' Can we say, Self-OUCHervation? (<- I made that up)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Is a Breakup, Ex-Boyfriend or Relationship Loss Hurting Your Momentum?

This blog is still in the conceptual, growing phases and I initially thought the topic of relationships did not apply. It was not until I truly reflected on how my newly single status was affecting my day-to-day "Girl on the Go" status that I realized how relevant my own experience was.

I'm sure I am not the only one in the middle of a breakup or heartbreak, so I decided to share my experience with it in hopes that others may gain something from it - even if it just the fact of knowing that you are not alone. I named and created this blog because of my constantly mobile lifestyle, which was escalated over the past several months by maintaining a long-distance, military-based relationship. Once the relationship officially ended (and yes, I am devastated by it) and business drastically slowed down, I found myself feeling more like "Girl in Neutral" than "Girl on the Go."